6 things to do at Chail


There are pages in history that turns head and changes fate. Chail is a gift of one such moment – an exhibition of ego, a vengeance of the wounded pride, and a reminiscence of royalty.

Bhupinder Singh – Maharaja of Patiala – was banned from Shimla by Lord Kitchener in 1891 after a fallout. That was the moment he vowed to create a summer capital even better than Shimla. Chail – a nondescript village till then – was going to come up on the tourism map of India.

Another tourism gem in the glorified crown of Himachal, Chail outperform even Shimla in beauty and serenity. Set amidst the Shivalik Hills – some 45 Kms from Shimla – it offers enticing view of lush landscape, captivating mountains, dense and dreamy forest and a lifetime of fond memories.

It is higher, at an elevation of 2260 meters, quieter, less commercialized and crowded than Shimla – a blessing for peace and nature lover. Known as the hiker’s paradise, famous for its exotic architecture, year-round pleasant weather, the place is a must visit hill station in India

Must visit places in Chail


Chail Palace: Decidedly – the heart of the Chail, a reflection of the royalty, and a glimpse of the lavish lifestyle – not visiting the palace might give you a lifetime of regret. Spread over a whopping 75 acres, it overlooks Shimla and Kasauli. The palace has lawns, deodar forests, and badminton and tennis courts all within the compound.


Chail Cricket Ground: Be a part of the history by visiting this record breaking highest cricket ground (2200 m) in the world. The view is plain awesome with surrounding deodar forest. It is also used for other sports such as football, basketball and polo.


Chail Wildlife Sanctuary: The Chail wildlife sanctuary is located between Krishna River and Giriganga River, covering around 200 villages in between. Wildlife such as leopards, brown bears, hogs, ghorals, sambars and wild pheasants can be spotted here. This is one of the rare places where the endangered species of Khaleej can be seen.


Gurudwara Sahib: A double delight of natural and spiritual peace, the temple was built in the year 1907, on the outskirts of Chail. The remote location makes it less crowded and the entire better for seeking solace. Those not so much spiritually inclined can find solace in lush green surroundings and the enchanting architecture.


Kali ka Tibba: One of the most popular places to see in Chail, this hilltop structure offers amazingly beautiful bird’s eye view of the whole valley, especially Choor Chandi Peak and Shivalik range. If you manage to come here at dawn, a rich and candid view of the diverse wildlife of the Chail Sanctuary will make your day.


Sadhupul Lake: An ideal place to spend your evening at, the beautiful lake is perfect for a romantic getaway. Situated near the Sadhupul, the lake is thronged by the tourists and locals alike. The constantly blowing breeze here sooth every nerve and provide a very calm ambience. There is also a restaurant nearby to take care of your appetite.

When to visit Chail

Like all other top hill station in India, the best time to visit Chail is from April to October.

Where to stay in Chail

What would you call a resort spread over 5 acres, situated on a hill-top, and surrounded by Jungles all around? The ‘best resort in Chail I hope. With best in class service, dedicated staff, clean rooms, finger licking food, it promises to take care of all your needs.

6 things to do at Chail