Road Trip to Manali


Trip to Manali is surely one of the most awesome experiences one’s life. To add on to the fun and enjoyment, one must travel by road. The amazing roads, greenery of the fields, the mountains etc. make up for a great journey on road.

Beginning your journey from Delhi, the drive has a lot to offer. The drive is through the plains of northern India, travelling to Haryana, Punjab and then entering Himachal. An early morning journey presents you with a beautiful sunrise. The red and yellow rays of the sun slowly unfold from behind the mountains. The fall of the first rays of the sun on the earth will make you fall in love with the beauty of nature. An early morning journey also calls for a heavy breakfast. You can easily find dhaabas that will serve you delicious hot stuffed parathas.

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The drive from Leh to Manali is even more exciting. Moving from Leh, a place filled with nature’s generosity to a place that is blessed with greenery all around is a great journey. After crossing Leh, you come across mountain Tanglang la. The view of the mountain is epic. You are actually at the highest point of the Leh Manali highway. It feels as if you can touch the sky and catch the snow on the mountains. It is an overwhelming experience. The drive on this road is smooth and one can easily increase the speed.

Next was the Lachung la pass. It was long and meandering. You’ll get to see many shades of brown while crossing this pass and the various land transformations that you would have never seen. The Nakee la pass is the third pass that you shall pass through on your drive from Leh to Manali. The Indus River flowing through this pass will leave you amazed at God’s creation.

The ride across Gata loops is an adventurous one. These loops are a series of hairpin bends looping down. The Baralancha la is the last pass you would cross before entering Himachal Pradesh. The road of the Baralancha la pass will leave you speechless. Rohtang pass marks the start of a beautiful hill station, Manali. This pass will take you to the steep curves of Keylong that can actually scare you for a while.

As soon as you enter Manali, you’ll see greenery all over and mountains covered with snow, welcoming you to a lovely place. The Beas river flowing down the mountains is an epitome of nature’s gift. The cool air flowing past will soothe your soul. Though you cannot drive at a very high speed on this road, you won’t regret being a laid back driver. The scenic beauty of the place will mesmerize you and when you enter the center of the hill station, the crowd of tourists might shock you. Manali being a tourist attraction for most part of the year, is still a peaceful destination.

Visiting Manali by train or by air may be a good decision but once you travel by road, you’ll have an altogether different experience.



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Road Trip to Manali

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